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Business Batein – Speaker Series Week 2 -Work Life Balance


Key Benefits :- While being ambitious is good and we all have a journey to fulfill our dream but sometimes in our rush to make our dreams come true we forget why do we need those dreams to come true. And Imbalance schedule of only work has its own side -effect. Disease, Stress, Emotional dissatisfaction and improper focus on your goals.
Leading to have more of balance can help you reach the goal faster and quicker than you really imagined.
:female-office-worker:Speaker : Dr Sadaf Ulde
Brief Profile :
Homeopathic Consultant
Psychotherapist, Holistic Healer

Date : Tues, 5th Mar, 2019
Fees : EE
Registration Compulsory
Limited Seats

Lion Amir Virani @ 9819784355
CA Hemant Mehta @ 97022 67444
Atul Puri @ 98991 16054
Inviting Startup, SMEs, Professionals to use Business Astrology for their Business Growth through this Seminar
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