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Biz Café Meet conducted by Cynergi Group: Theme “The Art of Thinking Clearly”


Cynergi conducted a special Biz Café meet on Friday, Jan 25, 2019 to connect with entrepreneurs, businessmen & students who are keen to start their business. The event was theme based on the book “The Art of Thinking Clearly” by Rolf Dobelli The gathered group discussed how thinking with a clear mind helped them in different aspects of life.

There were a total of 15 participants who shared their knowledge and experiences. The event began with each participant being given a statement from the book, like “Simple logic – Speed traps ahead”. The participant then had to share their insights and understanding of the statement, share anecdotes and experiences from their life journey that would support the statement.

Some very pertinent points were put forward during the discussion. One such point; was about students who want to become entrepreneurs. The rudimentary question was whether to take the entrepreneurial route or to take up a job after graduation. One of the participants shared the viewpoint of the Jain community, how they encourage children to join the existing family business. This way they can bring a fresh perspective and work towards scaling the business.
There are times in life when individuals face a dilemma. In such situations, a clear thought process about one’s vision in life and focus on the achievement of goals can help them to make better decisions.

A clear thinking process also helps in business situations. If the employees have clarity about the priorities in the business, they would be able to select the right way ahead, e.g. customer service executives who know they have to try their best to make customers happy, as per their company guidelines, will do their best to solve customer queries or grievances. The group also discussed how clarity of thinking can help people make better decisions in areas like education, parenting, stress, business networking etc.

Winners of a Business Quiz that was organized by Cynergi as a precursor to the event were also felicitated. Post the session; the group discussed the ways to optimize results from these kinds of events in the future, the theme of the next event & the next action steps.

It was a very successful event and it wouldn’t have been possible without support and encouragement from our well-wishers. We, at Cynergi , would like to thank Riso for their hospitality, Roshan Dsouza for moderating the event, Farhan for helping with registration & logistics, Sudhir for Videography, & the Biz Cafe Team – Mr Milind Kher, Dr.Neeta Mhatre, & Mr. Tejal Vasa for being a constant source of support and encouragement to us.


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