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A storytelling session on “Stories from Quran”


Cynergi Group, a content curation, training and development platform is known to conduct events that are unique and innovative. On this Republic Day, Cynergi Group arranged a story telling session about ”Stories from Quran” especially on the life of Prophet Yousuf.

It was led by Adbul Khan, a motivational speaker, who sourced and explained the Qur’anic story of Prophet Yusuf (A S.) aka Joseph with real life examples. The story began with a dream that Prophet Yousuf had in which he saw 11 Stars, Sun and the Moon.

Abdul explained what to do and what not do in situations and how some of our own brothers might plot against us to harm us. He then added that God knows everything and has a plan for each one of us in his scheme of things, whereas Shaitan is an open enemy.

Abdul also informed the eager and curious participants about Yousuf’s challenging and difficult childhood. He was found at the bottom of a well, sold as a slave when he was small and sent to Egypt. His owner became fond of him and adopted him as his son. The couple loved Yousuf and encouraged him in every sphere of life.

As Yousuf grew, he began gathering wisdom and became knowledgeable. He understood that God will always reward people who do their work. One should always trust Him and pray to Him to give more knowledge and wisdom. God is the one who hears everything and knows everything. He will always answer our prayers and listen to our heartbeat. However, we will have to pay a heavy price if we choose the path of sin or succumb to various temptations. One should always help others and do good deeds. God will notice them and when your time comes will reward you.

Abdul also explained that there are 3 types of soul:
1. Well Pleased soul
2. A believer – A soul that believes in God
3. Enjoyer of Evil – A soul which enjoys and finds pleasure in doing evil deeds

The person who keeps on doing his Karma to the best of his ability will not go unnoticed. Also, he suggested that when one is at a powerful position, he should possess the ability to forgive others, like God who is the Almighty but still is merciful.
Once we concentrate on helping others, we will also receive assistance and that too sometimes from sources or places we would have never expected or dreamt of.

He ended the story by asking us to believe in God and his plan.

The participants were enthralled by this story and liked the session so much that they decided that the next session would focus on stories on how to deal with life and the challenges it offers.

All in all it was a great story telling session in which people had a lot of takeaways to implement in their life and make it better.


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