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Mumbai Railways eTendering Process_Event organized by Cynergi Group


Cynergi a leading knowledge sharing platform, conducted a seminar on 4th of January,2019 at Cynergi Hub in Byculla, on the “eTendering Process in Mumbai Railways”.
The event was addressed by eminent experts from Mumbai Railways. The panelists included Mr. A. P. Sangole (Dy CME (CMR), CCG, Western Railway), Chief Guest for the seminar, Mr.B T Lalge (Dy CMM (CMR), CCG, Western Railway) & Mr. Reshu Choudhary, who in an expert in Tendering Process.
The seminar began with a speech by the Chief Guest, Mr. A.P.Sangole. After sharing his impressive work profile and experience with the audience, Mr Sangole threw some light upon the various opportunities of doing business with Mumbai Railways. He also shared the importance of the role Store Department of Railways plays in the entire eTendering process. He followed it up by some great tips for getting tenders and orders, based on his vast experience and knowledge.
The next session by Mr.B.T. Lalge was as engaging and informative as the previous one. The audience were surprised with the fact that the Mumbai Railways does more business with people who come from outside of Mumbai. This was due to lack of knowledge and interest within the Mumbaikars about it. The objective of the seminar was to generate more interest and increase the participation of fellow Mumbaikars in helping Mumbai Railways become better. Team Cynergi in coordination with the industry experts were able to do that successfully, judging by the reaction of the audience.
Looking at the kind of interest and buzz created around the entire process and on the request of the audience, Mr AP Sangole and Mr BT Lalge also shared their contact details with the participants. Their objective was to help who had more queries about the entire process or any issues related to the railways tendering.
The seminar came to an end with Mr. Amir Virani (Founder – Cynergi Group) giving a Vote of Thanks to all the stakeholders and presenting a token of appreciation to the Chief Guest Mr. A.P.Sangole, Mr BT Lalge & Mr Reshu Choudhary.
It was a very informative session for the audience which provided them with great insights and learnings about doing business with Mumbai Railways.
To get access to the video recording of the seminar you may get in touch with Team Cynergi. The details are:
M: +91 9833837428
eMail: info@cynergi.org


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