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JUMP JUMP from Fear to Power Party


Depression is the new term making rounds allover. Fundamentally, this is more prevalent among women than men. Some do go forward and help themselves. They take everything on their hands and grow stronger than they were before. But obviously not everyone have this capacity.


Some cope up with the day to day lives with the same depressing thoughts. While some go deep and develop serious medical conditions and even attempt to suicide. In order to help people of these types, a JUMP MOTIVATIONAL PARTY was organized in Mumbai two days ahead of Christmas.


Motivational Speaker Almas Virani, Trainer-Consultant Almas Khaja and Homoeopathic Therapist Dr Sadaf Ulde spearheaded this mission.


They planned a day full of fun filled activities that apparently sowed seeds of positivity among all the participants.


Here is the insider report of what all happened at the first Jump Motivational Party in India.


Sound Therapy to Calm your Senses
The foremost session was Sound Therapy by Punita Kadam and Priyanka Patel who are among the renowned sound therapists in India. Surprisingly these therapies were far more different than what I heard. First of all, the sounds were made by Brass Bowls and then these were mild sounds.


All participants were asked to keep their eyes closed and either lie-down or sit erect. While several others did the former, I preferred to sit erect. Closing eyes for a while and listening carefully to the music allowed me to relax much better. Unlike normal meditation wherein we sit still and manage to bring our thoughts to one point. This is the point when I realized those sound of the bowls help you to calm down and focus much better.

Why Jump Motivation?
Post the Sound Therapy session, Almas Virani, spoke about the need for Jump Motivation Movement. She said, “The purpose of this party is to bring people from fear to power.” Almas also quoted Louis Haley saying, “The point of power is in the present moment.” Then she went on explaining her personal experiences and how she managed to face her fears with enormous courage.


This is the session which pretty scared me up. All my life I never bothered to dance. Even when 10 20 of my friends dragged me to the dais and tried persuading me a lot. But looking women as old as my granny stepping to the tunes, I eventually thought I should as well do something.


Archana Singh from Zest Fitness made everyone step to the tunes in quite a fun oriented way. Infact for the first time, she coupled Bangra tunes and made everyone dance to it. Finally, she made everyone give an ode to Christmas in the Zumba way. Yes, tunes of Xmas for stretching. At the end of the session, Archana explained what inspired her to be a Zumba trainer chucking off a successful advertisement profession.


Shades of Pinkathon
Sonia Kulkarni, the Pinkathon Ambassdor also paid a visit to the event. Addressing the gathering she explained her story of a broken marriage and how her 9 year old son empowered her to become a fitness freak from a weak hypothyroid mother. Explaining her pinkathon journey, she quoted Milind Soman, “He just announced Sonia will run from Mumbai to Pune. I was shocked to hear that and asked him are you crazy. He said I believe you can do it Sonia. That’s when I thought when he can believe I can do it, why not me?”


Homoeopathic Therapies
Dr Sadaf Ulde, Homoeopathic Therapist allowed everyone to go through a series of therapies that were coupling two participants together. According to Sadaf, this was the opportunity to see how you react to different situations. Explaining the story of her patients she said, “I do get a lot of patients who are suppressed to talk which itself is a big trauma. I got one woman who was trying to say something, but her husband kept on commenting on her silence. This was a suppression factor for her. Likewise we all have the same thoughts. We never express anger because we groomed to be a calm person. We never express jealousy because we are worried what people will think of us.” She went on to explain self-love and the need to be independent.

Series of Failures & Still Moving On
Success alone doesn’t define a leader. Even the amount of failures and your consistent efforts to win makes some greater than the ordinary. Mohammed Ali Shah, the ex-Army major and theatre artist is the best replication of this process. He said, “I was so over-confident that I will easily get an entry into National School of Drama (he is the niece of Naseeruddin Shah). But I didn’t get through and had to wait for one year. That time I got into the army to ensure I don’t waste my time.” Now he has successfully performed in critically acclaimed movies like Haider by Vishal Bhardwaj.


Nurturing Talents
While these are some of the major sessions, it ended with the talk of Shabbir Ali, one of the well-known personal fitness trainer who is eyeing on building a platform to groom people who wish to participate in Beauty Pageants. Shabbir said, “Anyone who wants to win a beauty pageant contest can participate in this programme. When I participated in a beauty pageant, I was the runner-up. It’s basically because of the politics surrounding that. But several people come up with dreams. Allowing them to win these beauty pageants will let them unleash their dreams. I wish to nurture talent in such a way and whoever is interested can register in swagicon.com.”


Added to all this, the show was hosted by a professional emcee, Leslie Tripathy who kept the scenario more peppy and comfortable for everyone. At the end before leaving, all were asked to write a letter for themselves which was promised to be sent after six months.

Overall, these sessions holistically trains people’s mind to think positive. Listening to these stories of fear and failure, apparently the most weak hearted would’ve convinced to roll back and start fresh with his/her efforts. And yes, my mind automatically began thinking fresh. Thoughts of positivity surrounded and level of productivity has increased a step ahead.


But in order to stick to it, one needs to be consistent. To ensure they stay consistent they need to take help from someone. For the same, continuity of events like these are quite essential. Going forward, now the duo of Almas Virani, Almas Khaja and Dr Sadaf Ulde are gearing up to host a grand party of the same kind on the coming Valentine’s Day.


Article written by Aravind Sundaram for Cynergi Writers Forum(CWF)


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