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Endangered Existence !


There are myriad of expressions in our life. The one you find to be the best suited for your purpose is the one for you. The most challenging situation of being, which saps much from you, thus making you potent, also has life in itself. Life in itself is born out of chaos hence tagging it with different meanings is meaningless.

When you look at the struggle of a grasshopper for merely feeding its minuscule belly looks great unless and until the effort is not magnified. This is the generic fallacy with most of us who perceive life only as an exaggerated version of our living. Sometimes we ignore that the smallest of the small has equal share in living happily on this planet Earth thus assuming so-called tiny life by us. It’s a vague idea to tag life with big or small.

The life is same for everyone

Feeding ourselves with all the mouth-watering foods would immensely fill our pseudo soul with joy, but seldom have we felt sad in equal proportions while throwing away the food just because it’s enough. One may fall short of reckoning such occasions when we went selfish. Division and distinction weren’t the ideas of Almighty when he created this beautiful universe. At the receiving end of the significant breakthrough and fallout, he created us as the most intelligent species to safeguard the planet and its fragile life for coexistence. However, in pursuit of achieving worldly pleasure, the vital elements of creation and also the source of our existence are now degrading and endangered.

In the context of our social aspect as well every sitting or merely helping the poor becomes another post on social media. If one really wants to serve, then what is the purpose of creating insignificant buzz around irrespective of the fact that it’s done for an awareness. Technology though helpful but it’s unjustified use paralyzes the society and its underlying fabric. And amid all these hoopla and hosanna the destitute are left to suffer. At the helm of every major breakthrough, awareness plummets. Ironically, people are no more sensitive instead they cede no means of sensitizing some baseless issue with numerous trolls in the end.

Endangered Existence

The life that we often assume tantalizing in many aspects on comparing with the living of the business class people, to them on shifting the vantage point the world of misery exposes, divulging into spine-chilling information. The difference we have created are paying its dividend on the weaker sections of the society to whom we didn’t consider for an equal share. When the situation doesn’t awake you, the wheel of karma will naturally come in for justification. Nature always seeks balance. However, diminutive we perceive the action may be like of global warming, uprooting vegetation, polluting land and water, poaching its repercussions would definitely be enlarged. Thus, the idea of coexistence of all the natural resources is must for peaceful survival lest the situation aggravates.

– Article by Sameer Raj Singh


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