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Understanding How to Study


Generally parents face a common challenge that their children are not interested in their curriculum studies but are interested in extra-curricular activities. Few parents complain that the education system in the school/college has gone bad. Teachers are not teaching properly and hence they have to send their children to classes or private tuitions.

On the other hand, teachers say that they teach properly to the entire class, as there are few students who always listen to what teachers teach and few are always in their masti mood. Among the entire batch of students, few score really well, few are average scorers and few struggle to pass the exams.

The issue is not with the students nor with the teachers. The issue is that students are not aware of how they should study and most of the teachers are also not aware of how to make them study.

Few students can learn things by reading or watching pictures or imagining or visualizing their learnings. Let’s call them visual type learners. Some of them can understand things by listening to the explanation given by teacher/professor. Let’s call them auditory type of learners. The rest of them may face difficulty while understanding, they are not able to relate things as fast as the teacher speaks and may feel that the teacher is too fast in explaining things. Let’s call them kinesthetic (using feelings or body senses to learn) type of learners.

Visual type of learners are generally fast learners and speak or write things faster. They will mostly use the visual words like look, see, imagine, visualize, colorful, etc. when they speak or write answers. Research says that there are about 60-65% students who fall in this category. Auditory type of learners are those who will repeat the question or a part of it again before answering the same. They will use auditory words like listen, tell, loud, speak, etc. when they speak or write answers. Kinesthetic type of learners are generally slow learners, however one of the best type of learners. While answering they would use their muscle senses to get the answers like scratching their head or looking here and there, moving their body, etc. They will use words like feel, experience, cool, hot, etc. when they speak or write answers.

A student can possess multiple type of learning ability like visual and auditory or visual and kinesthetic, etc. If the student can find out his/her learning ability and when he/she tries to learn the things in his/her own learning type, they will be able to effectively do better in studies. Similarly, a teacher should take care of all the types of students while teaching, by using most of the words of the visual, auditory and kinesthetic in his/her teachings.

Article By: Deepak Gupta

He is an expert and a well-known trainer since 1998. He has an overall training exposure of 18+ years. He has given training to thousands of students and helped them grow in their career.


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