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Learn to Un-Learn!


Every Human Being is a rolling ball of thoughts. We grab some dust of knowledge, & we scatter some of it in the process of rolling. This rolling Ball is stained with Values, Beliefs, Traits & Motives, that the particles of knowledge left on it, routed through the thoughts.


An Individual is like a clay model molded into a unique structure. The early age of human life sets the stage for the unconscious mind to become the propeller of one’s life. The unconscious mind retains as impressions or residuals (Values, Motives, Habits, Beliefs, Language, etc.…), all the experiences of the conscious mind (The perception of the 5 sense organs), basis the significance the experiences hold in one’s life.


We must understand that we are driven by the limitations we practiced in understanding situations, and be open to evolving with every breath we take!


The Human behaviors, patterns, & actions get determined by the residuals of the unconscious mind. The residuals are formed based on selective perception. People may differ with their thoughts & ideas about a situation based on the residual formation in their map of the world. An on-looker observing a child, playing a game of throwing things far may conclude thinking the child is rough, as opposed to another on-looker who may think the child must be an amazing throw ball player.


We ought to learn to un-learn & learn ANEW!


Human metamorphosis has designed human beings to question possibilities, & also make things possible. A WHY? May not be a necessary question to be asked ever. Questioning WHY in complex situations of life dealing with human emotions & relationships can lead to further complexities. A question like Why do you hate her? Makes one focus on the negative aspects of a person, but rephrasing the question as, “What must she do for you to like her?” draws the attention of the person questioned to focus on the positive aspects of the person in question. This is a simple way to un-learn inappropriate ways of questioning.


We must learn to Focus on what we want, rather than what we don’t want or what according to us is wrong!


Turbulence within the mind triggers distress in life. It is essential to understand, a choice we make at any given point in time is the best one we opt for, from all the available ones. Regret is an opportunity to recoup, what we thought we might have lost. It is another chance to make the right choice.


The next time you regret, pause for a while & think what must you start doing to ferry yourself over to the river bank of your dream. Imagine in your mind & look at yourself living in the state of what you desire. Walk backward, set milestones to reach where you imagine yourself to be.


Remember the conflict within us in most cases is about we not doing anything, to be who we want to be. Considering the pros & cons of our actions will help us eradicate the conflicts we inflict upon us.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming is about Learning to Un-Learn, to Learn Anew!

Article By: Deepthi Musley

“Deepthi Is a certified- (ABNLP/IAPCCT/CCE) NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, Freelance Writer, A Shayira & Urdu Poet, & A PGD in Finance & Banking”


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