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Jay was a smart, suave and young professional whom many could only envy. He came across as a winner wearing confidence on his sleeve, always upbeat and raring to go.

Everyone at his workplace looked up to him with admiration and when he spoke, people listened. He was respected for his contribution by everyone from his seniors to peers to subordinates.

To everyone, he seemed like success personified – a perfectionist and a people magnet, a living example of a nobody to someone to reckon with.

The perfect success story or so people thought. While Jay appreciated and valued all that he had in his life, he when by himself always felt a deep vacuum within.

His mind would be flooded with questions of self doubt, uncertainties and a host of other thoughts. Questions like, “Do I deserve all of this?” “Am I worth it?” and so on would cloud his vision and he would end up feeling extremely lonely not knowing where to find his answers and whom to turn to.

He found all this so called success so empty and meaningless.

The story of Jay is not a single case, there are many ‘Jays’ in today’s corporate and business worlds and all around us who seem to have it all and yet feeling they have nothing.

They are continuously struggling and trying to improve their game putting their best foot forward and giving their best…just so they continue receiving the appreciations and accolades that keep them going.

It is this external approval that they seek so much to survive. Life thus turns into a vicious cycle. They continue stretching their limits and delivering results, climbing the ladders of success; they would do whatever it takes to keep the recognitions, the awards flowing in.

Deep within, over a period of time, they become immune to their inner voice; they learn to numb themselves from the pertinent questions that pop up now and then from the innermost corners of their heart.

The fact is we all have the likes of Jay all around us and maybe there is some of Jay within us as well.

Ultimate inner peace comes from deep within; from finding our answers to our own questions – questions that perhaps no one else will ever ask us; when we do not need the external world to validate our success; when the parameters of right and wrong are defined by none other than us.

This comes only with loving and accepting ourselves just the way we
are which in turn comes from raising our self awareness. No one is perfect in this world.

What is important is to focus on our strengths and grow through
them. Take the time out to talk to yourself, to discover and understand

Know that destiny is a choice and not a compulsion. Light the candle
of awareness within your heart so you can love yourself unconditionally.

Be a star and radiate your own light rather than being a planet depending on light from the external universe to reflect your image.

You are unique; a creation of the ultimate supreme power like everyone else; do not be afraid to love yourself.

Just be you!!

Article By: Vishakha Bhagnani


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